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State License #2104062277

Newton Exacavating has a complete line of fleet trucks that are available for use. They help us complete our projects with the maximum level of efficiency, skills, and affordability.


Are you ready to start on your next project and need help bringing in materials? You can have our help with trucking in the materials!


Our trucks are ready to help bring in soil, sand, rock, gravel, and a number of other materials and deposit it in the correct location. You can have us help with material export and import.

Dump Truck

Our trucks are equipped with a radio-dispatch system. This allows us to easily contact our trucks to find out where your materials are or to change the order before it arrives at your location.



Dump Truck

Have an emergency situation arise? You'll be able to receive help 24 hours a day.

Competitive rates

Commercial and residential

Retail Landscape Supply Yard opening April 1st, 2020 located at 9230 West Vienna Rd., Montrose MI 48457. Loadout and delivery service available. Call for service before if before

April 1st


Dump Truck fleet trucking